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Thread: vs. SAIX

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    Default vs. SAIX

    Why is there such a huge different in the results reported by the results and the results via

    I have run the tests more than once concurrently during the last couple of days. Both tests are connecting to the Cape Town server. With the test I have selected the Cape Town SAIX server which is probably used for the SAIX test as well.

    In most cases, the results from SAIX is double of that from Still ridiculous for a 4Mb line!
    Ping - 20ms
    Download Speed - 0.67Mbps
    Upload Speed: 0.40Mbps

    Ping - 36ms
    Download - 1.26Mbps
    Upload - 0.37Mbps

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    Hi There,
    While I understand what you are saying can you elaborate a bit more on why it is important to you that Speedtest and SAIX should correlate more closely?


    Tim from MTN Business, how can I help you? Follow me on @TechXpertTim

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    Mine are very similar on a 2 mbit line:
    Ping - 49ms
    Download Speed - 1.81Mbps
    Upload Speed: 0.43Mbps

    Ping - 35ms
    Download - 1.76Mbps
    Upload - 0.41Mbps

    Regarding the pings, I think the mybroadband test is wrong as nowhere in SA is my ping as bad as 49.
    Would be interesting to know where the test server is that MyBroadband uses.

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