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Thread: HSDPA contract with 3G data bundle

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    Default HSDPA contract with 3G data bundle

    How would it affect a HSDPA card on a weekender contract if a consultant added a 3G/GPRS bundle?

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    On your contract you either chose to use 3G or HSDPA

    I don't have a bundle on my contract, but I have 3G 0 - which enables me to use the 3g network. If I try use my HSDPA card, it only allows me to use 3G (ie two longer flashes)

    On a family members contract, they had HSDPA 0 - this allows them to connect at HSDPA speeds when available. They now have an HSDPA500 bundle which allowes connection at HSDPA Speeds (when available).

    If you put a 3G 0, 3G 500 or 3G One (or any other 3G bundle) you're card will only be able to connect to the 3G network (384kbps) and you won't ever get HSDPA speeds (as far as I know)

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