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Thread: MSO Access 2003...

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    Unhappy MSO Access 2003...

    Hi there

    I was wondering if you know what the problem could be when I try to access a *.mdb file over a network, and it gives me the error similar to that "...the file is in an untrusted location..." and further on the error said that I should copy the file locally, edit and so on, and overwrite that file on the network again.

    I can do that, but it consumes alot of time to copy the file each time, and copy it back, and so on!

    I thought of a security setting, but would like your oppinions for this issue.


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    can you not just create a mdb file on your side, and link the tables you need to use to the mdb file on the network?

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    Red face

    You see,

    The problem is that we have our own software written in VB, and we use an MDB file which is on our server, and accessed by the VB-written software which is accessed be everyone on our network.

    Each time we need to copy the file locally, update it, and then copy the file back to the server. Im actually not sure if it could be that when everyone is accessing the VB program, that it couls possibly "lock" the MDB. Im not sure.


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