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Thread: Interesting SMS from Vodacom - N70 software

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    Default Interesting SMS from Vodacom - N70 software

    Just received this SMS from Vodacom....

    From Vodacom: NOKIA has released a software upgrade for N70 phones. Should you experience problems with your N70, contact your nearest Vodacare on 125VODACARE.
    Pity they don't say which version of the software it is...

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    If you go to the nokia website you'll see that it's V 5.06
    Got a problem with your PC? Here's the Solution. Put it on the counter, go to the garage, fetch a 10 pound hammer...

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    Point? I got V 5.0616.2.0.3 via and the 'net took an hour to download and 1/2 hour to upgrade. I didn't look for a changelog.

    Saves me having to justify the upgrade to vodashop.
    I wonder how many people are having trouble connecting via gprs and thinking it is the net when it is actually a soft upgrade they need.

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