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Thread: A Muslim journey through Creationism and Evolution

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unhappy438 View Post
    Yeah im well aware of Hitlers Catholicism, it would be unfair to say its the reason why he went to war and im unware of him ever using any religous reasons for going to war, fascism was certainly the motivator he used.
    Though the Holocaust was influenced by hatred fostered by religion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jab View Post
    Though the Holocaust was influenced by hatred fostered by religion.
    The RCC also has a long history of fostering anti-semitism in Europe and elsewhere. You cannot really disentangle fascism's history from the RCC, either.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wayfarer View Post
    The following is an account of my own journey through creationism and the Theory of Evolution (ToE)

    My journey starts back in...............
    I truly enjoyed your story in the OP.

    Wayfarer, you have impeccable mannerism, style and knowledge. Most importantly, I don't think I ever came across someone online so consistent in being patient, respectful, sincere and honest. Hats off to you!!! You should open up a school (if you don't already have one)

    So then evolution is not anti-religion and, just like having a spherical earth isn't, although some in the past objected on religious grounds to round earth.

    The quran verses most interesting to me in your next post are

    And God has caused you to grow out of the earth in gradual growth - Quran 71:17
    O mankind, what has deceived you concerning your Lord, the Generous, Who created you, proportioned you, and balanced you? In whatever form He willed has He assembled you. - Quran 82:6-8

    Your next posts also compare evolution of man to spiritual Hindu beliefs --- very interesting.

    Keep the posts coming.............

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    Post redirected from:

    Quote Originally Posted by Zolani99 View Post
    Thank you for the comprehensive answer. I'm in agreement that (some) animals may have evolved over centuries with God's power. I however have my doubts over evolution of humankind as God only needs to say "Be, and it is". Why would He take the long evolution route with humans?
    I think you mean millions of years. Anyway, that is not how the concept works, Zolani. Either evolution is true for all, or it's true for none. If He created some life instantly, why did He not create all life instantly by merely saying, "Be," and it is? Why did He create the Universe in 6 stages, why not just say, "Be," and it is? And why appoint angels as agency, why not "Be," and it is? God works the way He works, according to His Infinite Wisdom. Time (and effort) is not significant to God, as He transcends it.

    In Islam, we understand that there are 3 sources of knowledge:

    1. Knowledge by what can be observed with the senses and determined by instruments.
    2. Knowledge that can be arrived at through reasoning.
    3. Knowledge that comes from revelation.

    The 2nd can generate knowledge where the 1st cannot, but should generally be consistent with it. The 3rd imparts knowledge that the 2nd could not attain in and of itself, but should generally be consistent with it. What you are doing, is having an opinion that goes contrary to the evidence. What you seem to be doing is bypassing number 1, and possibly 2 too, which is the worst way to approach 3.
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    Default A Muslim journey through Creationism and Evolution

    Are we not focusing too much on the creation or evolution of the physical body and not enough on the soul?

    The soul is like the pearl developing in the shell and the shell's only purpose is to serve as a vessel for the pearl. When the pearl is harvested, the shell is discarded as it has no value.

    Scientists debate the origin of the shell, believers emulate the development of the pearl.
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