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Thread: Du Noon Service delivery strike in Milnerton

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    Default Du Noon Service delivery strike in Milnerton

    The article is one thing and I feel service delivery is a serious issue, however i am not posting the link for the actual new story but for the actual comments, the absolute utter hatred displayed by both black and white astounds me. How easy it is to be a keyboard evangelist.

    Everything that is wrong with our country can be summed up by just looking at those comments.

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    i agree. the comments (a lot of them) are pretty horrific. it makes me sad.
    the world is not what it seems

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    I never read the news24 comments, it's just not worth it.

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    The comments don't seem too bad to me?

    Care to point out which ones are horrific?

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    My opinion is this:

    You didnt buy the land you are squatting on, nor do you pay rates and taxes. If you want service delivery move into parklands with all the nigerians, and pay for your power/water/sewage.
    I am 13531

    "Balance is the key to everything, without it we would just keep falling over."

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