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Thread: FNB Credit Card

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    Quote Originally Posted by nicbst View Post
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    From my latest FNB statement. I don't use a petro card.
    I can not comment on FNB but with Standard's MasterCard no interest is charged for fuel purchases using the credit card (However not all fuel retailers accept credit cards). I suspect for credit card linked garage cards interest might be charged - my garage cards are linked to my current account so can't confirm. What I find interesting about this note is that with FNB it appears you get charged interest on new purchases as well the previous month statement if you do not settle the full balance - not sure what Standard does.
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    All of the credit cards that I have had experience with are "up to 55 days interest free". It usually works on calendar months so anything that you buy in July will only start accruing interest on the 25th of August.

    So if you buy something on the 1st of July you would get 55 days with no interest on that purchase but if you buy something on the 31st, you would only get 25 days before it starts accruing interest.

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    May as well ask this question here:

    I was under the impression that a credit card offers much more buyer protection (vs a cheque/debit card for example), especially as I use my card for online purchases quite often. I've just got off the phone to FNB and apparently there's no difference between me using my cheque card, and me using a credit card (should I apply for one) when it comes to protection / claiming money back / stopping fraudulent transactions.

    So - does a credit card offer any benefit, or is it, as FNB would have me believe - only for the purpose of the credit facilities?
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    Quote Originally Posted by AlmightyBender View Post
    ...any transfers out of the account will attract interest immediately.
    Want to get some $$$ into an FNB account asap, but ABSA wants to charge R11+R0.95/R100 odd for an immediate transfer. I have a FNB Gold credit account here that I want to do an EFT out of the straight balance but I am unsure about the fees. The product guide (that was a mission to find) mentions under Other FNB Credit Card Related Fees, Linked Account Transfers & Account Payments:
    R3.30 Linked Account Transfers
    R7.00 Third Party Payments

    Will the total EFT charge thus only be R7.00? Plus of course interest from day one...
    ic's back, back again . . .

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