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Thread: DIY LED + clap switch

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    Default DIY LED + clap switch

    How is would it be to build a clap switch & LED combo using components from Communica?

    Assuming it should run off a std wall socket. Assume soldering gun & multimeter etc available. Lowish electrical knowledge.

    Sometimes when I get home its pitch black & the light switch is quite a distance away with random crap in the way.

    Also: Safety? Sensitivity of clap switches.
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    Really easy, if you wanted to build/assemble it yourself you could get something like this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KhoisanX View Post
    Really easy, if you wanted to build/assemble it yourself you could get something like this.
    Seems easy enough. Any idea how much vampire power a std 12 v powerbrick draws?
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    I used to have something similar to this back in the 90s - it just had a plug that you could plug anything into eg. a lamp, which you leave switched on. Worked pretty well.

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    Maybe a 433MHz transmitter/latching receiver setup would be better.

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    How about a motion sensor light?

    You get all kinds for the wall socket, ceiling lights battery operated etc etc.

    If you want a project you can build both as well, I got some 240v ceiling mount sensors from dealextreme before but you get all kinds locally as well.
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    Here are some cheaper ones (probably the same as the Amazon one) - not worth building when you can buy something ready made.
    Other types (see relay module links) ...
    Many products like this ...

    You could still do a bit of diy to adapt it for 240V.
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    I used a light sensitive resistor. put it in a black pipe and focus when your car come near to switch for 5 munites.

    If you have a electric gate, apply your gate open light funtion.

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