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Thread: Tech lobby urges Mpahlwa to update Copyright Act

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    Default Tech lobby urges Mpahlwa to update Copyright Act

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    Did any of these people complaining about piracy ever thought about making their products cheaper to be more accessable to more people?

    Looks like they want to make huge profits with each copy sold instead of just making a little prifit but selling so much more.

    Aren't it strange thought that Linux and opensource software don't have piracy issues.........
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    Bring me BLOOD!!!!!!!

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    The organisation said SA’s piracy rate stood at 36% of all products sold, representing more than R950m in lost revenue to the economy.
    I said it before and I am saying it again. Just because people copy your stuff, aint NO guarentee they would buy it if they coudln't!

    Taking every illegal copy as a loss in revenue is friggin stupid and anybody who reasons like that is bloody idiot!

    Software is too expensive in most cases. I make good money and stuggle to wrap my head around the prices some of these folks ask for their products.

    The free market these days doesn't simply allow for alternatives, it must allow for decent alternatives. If this isn't the case then folks will copy.
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    And for a company called the BUSINESS software alliance, what agressive steps are they taking to prevent price fixing and profiteering for business software, or are they only protecting one side? Just like the RIAA.
    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence - Carl Sagan

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    Bogus Stats as Always raises their ugly lying head again.

    They aren't very convincing in claiming that the economy is not actually benefitting from the use of this software. It must benefit the local small businesses to avoid paying excessive prices on software.

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