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Thread: The Huawei B593 LTE discussion thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by CooperX View Post
    is there no Way to Remotely login to the HUAWEI B593?? over the internet.
    Nothing inherently built in that I know of, but it shouldn't be too hard to implement. Have you tried using the port forwarding feature to relay port 80 to the router's own LAN IP address?

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    So i had telkom install an external atenna. Due to low speeds on telkom lte. Since the installation speeds went up but my ping went to hell. Up to 300ms local servers. They did a line of sight test and setup. The stock atennas does better. Why would this happen.

    Secondly. With stock atennas the router connects default to 2300Mhz..great ping and download with poor upload. How can i make it connect to 1800Mhz.

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    So I recently got a Zyxel router for fibre.

    It seems the LTE and ADSL routers like my Hauwei B593 do not have the WAN port that is needed to connect to the fibre box.

    Now can I use the Hauwei B593 as a repeater to extend my wifi range? I can't find anything in the firmware or menus to suggest this, but figured it is theoretically possible

    I'd appreciate any info.


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    Hi Guys. Could anyone point me in the right direction?

    I'm trying to get to a different control panel for my Huawei B593u-12

    Somehow i changed the control panel by trying to do a firmware update but not a standard one.

    After being frustrated with not being able to get the thing working after about 10 wasted hours i decided to try a random upgrade. I found a link to some firmware in a forum where a guy had described how to perform an unlocking via a seemingly complicated process on a PC. well as i was out of energy and neither do i have a pc i just downloaded the firmware and performed the upgrade via the control panel that i was using.

    Anyway it appeared to actually have done something but when the router restarted i had no wifi connection. I decided to do a reset.
    The next time i managed to get it to connect to the control panel the controls were different. This time i could change different settings but some settings were no longer there. For example the internal / external antenna setting was not available. And instead of 3G LTE options i had LTE, WCDMA, or GSM options.
    I have seen pics of a control panel that has 2G 3G 4G as options under the internet settings pane and i was kind hoping for that one and also hoping it would have the internal external antenna settings.
    I have no idea how the control panel is set. Is it to do with the firmware? Is it sent down the internet automatically? Sorry for being totally clueless.
    Anyway i am not having much luck. I have 2 log periodic antenna 900-2600Mhz and getting speeds below 1Mbps

    I live in France and am using the Free mobile network which is partnered with orange. I think i am basically roaming on Orange the whole time. But 3G will not work. I can sometimes connect with one bar but i get nothing on the speed test etc.
    i have all bars lit with the WCDMA or GSM, WCDMA seems to work better but it is slow.
    I think i'm stuffed with this sim card to be honest. I am fairly sure that the free signal is not strong enough so it roams to orange and i think orange does not allow 3G. However on my iphone it says 3G.
    I am thinking to scrap the router idea and just wire an external antenna to an old iphone and use it as a hotspot. This is the second 3G router i've tried and to no avail. So around 30 hours wasted in problem solving and research between the two hotspot devices not to mention the money and time spent buying and building antenna.
    I'm totally peeved and ready to sell the whole kit.
    Thanks for any ideas or encouragement.

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