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Thread: LG G2 Radio Signal Issues

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    Unhappy LG G2 Radio Signal Issues

    Hey guys,

    So I recently upgraded to the MTN Anytime 350 contract, with the LG G2 as the device.

    Awesome device, except mine keeps losing radio signal. Constantly. Once every 30 minutes or so. The signal strength is also low. But on another device, also on the MTN network, that device's signal strength is strong.

    I started googling for similar experiences from other users, found a few results. Especially from users over in the USA. And their issue seemed like it was operator side, i.e. Verizon and T-Mobile. Other users said that it's the best phone yet regarding radio signal. Never had any issues.

    I'm confused on the one hand. Is this a MTN network issue? Or a device defect? I.e. Hardware/Software issue?

    I contacted both MTN and LG Mobile SA, and still awaiting their response.

    I'm just curious, anyone else experienced a problem like this? Either with a LG G2, or any other device. Also, is there a workaround?

    Thanks in advance fellas!

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    Update: MTN wants the device back, and will order a new one. Let's hope the new one isn't faulty! *fingers crossed*

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    I had a simular issue, the phone lost signal and not even a wifi connection solved the problem, took it to vodacom and it is in for repairs, its been a week since they they had my phone! I'm very disappointed in the device for being defective! but everything else of the phone is mind blowing

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    Yeah, it is a damn nice device. A Nexus 5, just minus the OS and OTA's from Google :P

    Really a pity some of them are so faulty. Hopefully the next one won't have the same issue.

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    I hope so too, the replacement phone vodacom gave me is a real honka crap samsung

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    It seems this is quite a common issue:

    I don't know if it's related to low signal ( I typically have poor signal at home ) or handover between gsm/wcdma/lte. But the common solution seems to be an upgrade to a software version higher than B ( I have D80210b-ZAF-XX: system settings -> general -> about phone -> software info ).

    I'm not really interested in rooting at the moment to try out alternate radios/software so I've switched to gsm/wcdma ( from gsm/wcdma/lte ) to see if that helps. Or I'll wait until kitkat 4.4 comes out.

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