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Thread: How to Dial Multiple PPPOE Client Over Single WAN Interface in Mikrotik?

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    I upgraded routeros 5.20 to 6.7 and the problem is still there.
    Last edited by eham2011; 02-01-2014 at 11:24 AM. Reason: I thought the upgradation will solve the problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brandon View Post
    Tested it & it work's for me (WAN is single ADSL, pppoe is two separate ISP's ):
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    Could be either a concurrent session limit or security lock from your ISP preventing both connections being established simultaneously.
    As I can see u did that right. Did u do anything with routing or something else? If yes tell me, if no than my isp or my adsl router blocking me to dial multiple pppoe over single port.

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    To establish 2xPPPoE connections is the first step. Once you have the connections running you can start configuring the routing based on the 2 ISP connections. Routing setup should not impact on the PPPoE connections.

    Let's troubleshoot a bit; can you establish 1xPPPoE connection with the Mikrotik?

    Make sure that the WAN ethernet port is not a slave port or assigned to a bridge. The port that connects your modem should be separate from all the other interfaces. Other than that (and of course a modem in bridge mode) you should have not issue dialing the PPPoE connections. What is the Status of the connection? "Disconnected"? It should atleast indicate some activity. Otherwise it could be that your modem does not support bridge mode etc.

    I use a Dlink 2500 U router in bridge mode. Ensure that the modem DSL setup is correct. e.g: Encapsulation, VPI, VCI, etc

    As I said earlier, lets start with a single active PPPoE connection and take it from there.

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