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Thread: Neotel Wimax and TP-Link Routers

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    Default Neotel Wimax and TP-Link Routers

    I wonder if anyone can help me.

    I have a Neotel Wi-Max 2mb setup that I put in around March. The link is pretty stable (thunderstorms give it a problem) and the speed is superb. It came with a Billion router that works, but its range isn't great.

    I have a TP-Link TD-W8970 router that I purchased a month or 2 before, and am keen to get it up and running as it will improve the signal strength around the house and has a host of features that will be useful.

    My problem is, I cannot get it to connect with the Wi-Max and I cannot work out why. I have taken the settings off the Billion and applied them on the TP-Link, but still no connection. Requests for Neotel to assist fall on deaf ears as they state it is not a supported product.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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    Try pop a E-mail to [email protected] from I'm sure they should be able to assist.

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    Hmm wonder what could be the problem,I put our office Wimax on a TP link and was up in 2 minutes

    Did you configure the TP link to use a static IP for the WAN connection and specify the Wimax gateway as your Gateway address?
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    Thanks for the responses. Sorry I haven't checked before today. I will check this evening and let you know.\

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    That router is a ADSL with WAN port. I believe that you have to use the WAN port and specify it on the configuration. Neotel Wimax comes with fixed IP, so you just have to put the right config.

    Maybe you have tell the router to stop the ADSL port as well.

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    Thanks again for the tips. I will make changes and feed back.

    I have also had contact from DBG - have provided them with settings and waiting for them to advise.

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    You guys rock!!

    Changed to Operation Mode from ADSL to Wireless Router (EWAN) and its all sorted!!

    Many thanks to you all!

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    i have a p-link router as well but i use the modem in bridge mode so that my firewall does the authentication (PPPOE)

    Can anyone help me configure my tp-link to work with neotel settings as i cant seem to set the billion router that neotel gave me in bridge mode for my firewall to (PPPOE).


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    A little off the topic, apologies.....

    I just had mine installed and am loving the service so far. Anyone know of any changes expected with Vodacom taking over Neotel. I know that Telkom's Wimax was not a success but Neotel seem to have a great offering here.

    And I went from request to installed and up and running in 2 days!
    Just looking for stable broadband at a good price...

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