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Thread: MDMA [does Connection Management & USSD & Monitors Signal Strength - Windows]

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    Default MDMA [does Connection Management & USSD & Monitors Signal Strength - Windows]

    I wrote this software to show more information than the provided dashboard. Specifically I was looking for cell info (Cellular Broadcast Messages), signal strength (in more detail than 5 graphical bars) and to distinguish between GPRS, EDGE, 3G and HSDPA.

    I only intended this program to be a companion to the provided dashboard software, but it has now grown to the point where it has its own data counters and the ability to connect and disconnect from the internet. You can decide whether you want to use it for occasionally checking your connection or whether you want to use it for keeping track of your internet usage.

    Name:  mdma_mini.png
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Size:  19.9 KB

    Has been tested on Windows XP, Windows Vista , Windows 7 (32 and 64-bit), Windows 8 and Windows Server 2003 and 2008. It should work on Windows 2000 as well.

    Currently supports most Huawei, Option, Novatel, Sierra Wireless, ZTE and LongCheer 3G/WCDMA/UMTS modems.
    Other modems using the standard AT command set should work too, but functionality will be limited to signal strength, cell IDs and USSD.
    Nokia phones are also supported, but functionality is very limited as MDMA can only be used when the phone is not online.
    MDMA needs at least one serial (COM) port in order to communicate with the modem, as per screenshot here. Modems with HiLink and other so-called "driverless" firmwares do not provide the required port. In most cases your device can be flashed with a regular firmware.

    Please download the program here.
    View documentation and compatibility matrix.
    Temporary download location on Google Drive.

    829c3d94004fd10b52c3562910fe0aa7 135168 mdma.exe
    d7710f64a392cfbf1d5931af6b509b79 11225 readme.txt
    4c7e080e520f30c1b26d8ab73aff7072941ccebc 135168 mdma.exe
    3b36a8afa831f3411be2a6c0320cfd4548ba2b3e 11225 readme.txt
    fde8f1b05b3d294165fec26c30b3a2b264a2c67628a6fbf759 70f57f858c2629 135168 mdma.exe
    a05765c40e14e566e3162d90a1a7fc999507f320506fbcae11 187e2d4c6d6c8a 11225 readme.txt

    I'll edit the first page in this thread for announcements etc.

    MDMA Beta discussion here (closed)
    MDMD Beta discussion here (closed)

    How to disable the modem's drive letter or disable autorun
    How to use startup command line switches (See Method #2)
    How to create a copy of a dial-up networking connection
    Capabilities of some Huawei modems
    How to switch Huawei E303 to modem mode (Windows)
    My anti-virus reports mdma.exe is a virus / contains malware
    Does MDMA work on WINE?
    Using NDIS instead of RAS (Windows tips & tricks)

    Community support is available in this thread. Please do not PM me asking for help.

    Changelog: (2015/11/03):
    • Add Huawei LTE band 5 (850MHz FDD) for E5786s-32a
    • Add ^CHIPTEMP and ^VOLT to Device Info display
    • Add +ZBANDI=5 through +ZBANDI=9 to ZTE band setting (2014/06/27):
    • Add Huawei LTE bands 38 (2600MHz TDD), 40 (2300MHz TDD) and 41 (2500MHz TDD)
    • Detect D-Link DWM-156 modem (Telkom Mobile)
    • Do not send AT&F0 during initialization by default (for E5331/E5775/E5776, etc. devices)
    • New command line switch /atf0init - send AT&F0 during initialization (old MDMA behaviour)
    • New command line switch /nopolling - don't poll the modem for anything (passive mode) (2013/08/21):
    • Detect Huawei LTE modems
    • Add /dialmode command line switch:
      RAS - pop up RAS menu (same as MDMA <
      MDMA - use RAS connection named 'MDMA'
      NDISDUP - use AT^NDISDUP to dial and hang up (network connection)
    • Use AT^SYSCFGEX instead of AT^SYSCFG, if available
    • Use AT^SYSINFOEX instead of AT^SYSINFO, if available
    • Huawei LTE band configuration
    • Add ^DIALMODE, ^CSNR, ^SYSINFOEX and ^SYSCFGEX capabilities to Device Info display
    • Display ^LTERSRP on main window
    • Change default dial behaviour to use NDISDUP if available (based on response of AT^DIALMODE?) otherwise use RAS connection named 'MDMA', unless overridden by /dialmode command line switch
    • If default APN is empty, set it to 'internet'
    • Don't read APN from CGDCONT: 0 (Huawei E3276) (2012/11/22):
    • MDMA's GUI is now in a new "landscape" orientation optimized for netbook displays, thanks to Terencek's polite reminders. The old "portrait" orientation has been deprecated.
    • Replaced the unused Cell Description field with an SNR (signal to noise ratio) display for the Huawei modems that support this feature. You don't have to do anything, if you modem supports it, you see numbers here, if not, you won't. At this stage I'm not entirely sure of what these values represent, but if you're interested have a read here (WayBackMachine). Ununocitum's theory on the reported SNR values is here.
    • In order to work around the problem of the E1820 ignoring the AT to command from the 3gpp specification to deactivate all PDP contexts (i.e. disconnect from the internet), MDMA now uses Windows RAS to hang up the connection. The downside of this is you must have a RAS entry named 'MDMA'. The easiest way to do this is to create a copy of the one created by your other dashboard.
      Failure to do this will result in the following error when using the 'Connect' button in MDMA:
      Cannot load dialog.

      Error 623: The system could not find the phone book entry for this connection.
      On the upside though, if you edit the properties of your 'MDMA' RAS entry and uncheck 'Prompt for name and password, certificate, etc,', 'Include Windows logon domain' and 'Prompt for phone number' in the Options tab, MDMA will now connect mit only vun click.
    • Changelog truncated *** is hosted by Apolix
    Name:  apolix-button.jpg
Views: 49437
Size:  8.9 KB
    Because local is lekker!
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