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Thread: Mweb range extender

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    Just a word of thanks to everyone that contributed to this. Successfully flashed firmware on my old repeater after many hours of head scratching this weekend.
    The main stumbling block was that I didn't download the fw_upgrade file mentioned in the original guide. I was trying to use the fw_upgrade included in the firmware package. WRONG!
    Also, just a note to anyone else trying this, you shouldn't need to mess around with IP addresses and DHCP and whatnot for TFTP to work. I just used an IP address for TFTP that was on the same subnet as the repeater, if memory serves correctly.
    The hardest part is literally transferring the files.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sproggit View Post
    I've turned the range extender into a useful Edimax EW-7438RPn V2.
    The Sproggg
    I know this is an old thread, just wanted to thank Sproggit. Followed your directions exactly and it worked. The device I had was never touched since I received it about a year ago but your directions were spot on. Worked first time.

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    Many thanks to Sproggit & sh3rIIf

    Successfuly flashed untouched MWEB extender with Edimax firmware version

    Step 3 wasn't clear enough
    Quote Originally Posted by Sproggit View Post
    1) Switch off device
    2) Keep WPS button in while switching on device - This should put the device in TFTP receiver mode, using bootloader IP address
    3) tftp ipload fw.bin
    When I used tftpd32 built-in client, options are as follows:
    Port: 69
    Local File: (point to your local file)
    Remote File: fw.bin
    Block Size: Default

    Click on 'Put' button. After router reboots a new unprotected "Edimax Setup 04" SSID shows up. Unplug LAN cable, as PC adapter will not get DHCP configuration over here, you must configure device over WiFi connection. Default IP address is
    Last edited by sajunky; 12-09-2016 at 02:42 PM.

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    urgh...guys i'm lost....
    did all...and more posted on here....managed to flash but now i can't connect to the thing?
    how do i find it? the IP that is....change to .2 ip range where i found it previously but now it's gone

    crying over here

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    Having spent the last 24 hours trying to flash this piece of **** I finally found a useful tutorial in the link below

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    I used the revised geniass method coupled with the EDIMAX firmware to turn this complete POS into a functional piece of hardware. I'm using it to get internet to my Explora without having to do another cable run. Many thanks to all those who posted advice and guides.

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    sorry to revive this thread. first off, thanks for the all the info. I successfully flashed one of these stupid mweb things yesterday with the zyxel firmware. barring a few mishaps, it went very easily.

    now to the matter, the extender works for all of about 7 seconds, and then disappears from the wifi scan page. how do I get it stable? I've done the googling, and dont think Im searching the correct terminology

    thanks in advance

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