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Thread: Termites destroyed my kitchen cupboard- need fitter

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    Default Termites destroyed my kitchen cupboard- need fitter

    Was moving some things around in the kitchen cupboard under the sink and to my horror discovered that it has been infested by termites. There was not much left of the chipboard and I ended up having to take the whole thing out. I manged to save the doors but that's about it. I can see how they got in as there are two holes in the cement at the back which I plan on sealing up. I sprayed most of the area with Pyrethrum which kills them on contact and the area is cleared now, but I have a big hole where the cupboard once was. Looking for a good, but reasonably priced, kitchen supplier/fitter based in JHB to replace the cupboard. I could probably source and install it myself but just don't want the hassle right now. Any suggestions or references please?


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    Try the Cupboard People. They're in Harry Street, Robertsham.
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