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Thread: Telkom Mobile/ 8ta LTE APN please

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    Default Telkom Mobile/ 8ta LTE APN please

    Hi can some1 please help me with settings for LTE on TelkomMobile/8ta.
    Tried calling Telkom support but I was informed that my iPhone 5s doesn't support 2300Mhz even though it does support it having looked at the spec.
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    I would also like to know this, i have an LTE capabile device, but telkom support is useless

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    Super Grandmaster RichardG's Avatar
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    Search the forums there is a work around... Your phone does support it but Apple haven't pushed the apn settings.. have you tried connecting your phone to iTunes to see if there is an upgrade available

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    I use , but that's on a lte dongle.
    I never apologise. Iím sorry, thatís just the way I am.

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