Hi guys

I have an endless gut feel that I am not receiving the full potential of my ADSL 1024 line.
I can only download both local and international at about 40kb/s. Everynow and again if I dl from a local microsoft site (probably cached) I get the 400 + speeds.
Surely even on a straight 1024 line I should at least average 70-80kb/s

I understand that ADSL speed is not guaranteed but I am positive I am been jinxed here.

I even purchased a webafrica prepaid account to test to see if different ISP's make a difference.

I am running on a SAIX shaped backbone.

Some useless info. I am running a 384 line at home and my DL speeds are about the same as at work.


Crap, I can't post attachements. These are my readings

Downstream Upstream
Connection 4096 384
Attenuation 26dB 7dB
Noise margin 16db 16db