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Thread: Best ISP for bittorrent/P2P?

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    Default Best ISP for bittorrent/P2P?

    Is there one?

    I have an uncapped ADSL account with MWeb/IS and, since the start of 2007, my upspeeds on all torrent clients have sunk to at best 2kB/s. On Sundays I can get up to about 10kB/s, if I'm lucky!

    Of course the ISP's concerned tell me there must be a problem with the Telkom line and or network in my area and its has nothing to do with them throttling or disallowing. Telkom say there is no apparent problem and most of the time I get download speeds of 40kB/s plus anyway.

    Does anyone have an uncapped account where their torrents work and their share ratios remain viable?? Or is that just asking too much?


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    My Openweb one works well, better at night but still well during the day.

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    I think ODS's uncapped, unshaped ADSL would be the best solution.

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    I think ODS's uncapped, unshaped ADSL would be the best solution.
    i would have to agree there. any time of the day i had full speeds on both
    bit torrents and p2p.

    however theres a HUGE differance between 'IS Satelite unshaped' vs 'Sat 3 unshaped' when it comes to online international gaming.
    is currently yields 1500ms+
    sat 3 currently yields 190ms
    Mag jou mes chip en verbrysel / May thy knife chip and shatter

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    I have an uncapped VPN with IS and my bittorents run pretty smoothly all day and all night. I do notice slow downs at various during the day, but I have been told its because of the high traffic volume in my area peaking. It seems every neighbourhood has a certain amount of bandwidth capacity possible. I have seen telkom upgrading certain areas with fibre optics, dont know if this is going to help in the long run.

    Anyone out there (telkom guys) can shed some more light?

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    WHO is ODS? Any links?

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    Unshaped from Axxess for P2P
    Never let a computer know you're in a hurry!

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