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Thread: Neotel Zyxel router password

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    Default Neotel Zyxel router password


    Does anyone know the default login details for the Zyxel routers that Neotel installs?

    Asking here before I call them and go through the process..

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    admin / 1234 should work.
    All my posts should be treated as sarcasm unless stipulated otherwise.

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    Tried it, didn't work .. tried other defaults too.. but no cigar

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    DB error : location not found


    Try a blank username and password?

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    You can login to a ZyXEL router in three easy steps:
    Find Your ZyXEL Router IP Address
    Enter Your ZyXEL Router IP Address Into an Internet Browser's Address Bar
    Submit Your ZyXEL Router Username and Password When Prompted By Your Router
    default router password

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