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Thread: FTP Server

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    Default FTP Server

    Howzit peeps! Is it possible to run an FTP server through my iBurst connection...and then the all important question, how?

    Your input will be appreciated.

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    And then another thing, ED, does iBurst even allow people to host their own sites?

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    How are you connectingto iburst?

    Directly to modem via usb or through a router?

    For the time being, get youself an ftp server program, i suggest a thrid party program as opposed to IIS that comes with windows as the 3rd party progs are more easily configurable.

    get something like cerebrus ftp:



    both free

    Then you'd want to register for dynamic dns

    so you have a domain name following your dynamic IP.

    after that let me know how you're connecting and i'll carry on

    and come back to the iburst hub and share man!


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