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Thread: massive redevelopment

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    Default massive redevelopment

    i'm not sure if this is the right place for it
    the employment section does not fit

    my site needs massive redevelopment
    content management system
    directory/microsite system
    gallery system
    newsletter system

    we are not interested in any microsoft proprietary software or leasing the software from anyone
    we want to own it and as I have php skills, we also want to be able to tweak it in the future

    if you have the skills and are able to deliver this in a short time, please contact me
    otherwise any recommendations are most welcome
    this is a large undertaking
    [email protected]

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    i know there are a lot of open source content management systems like joomla and xoops etc

    they are too clunky for me and will require massive customisation anyway
    so if you are interested in said customisation or know of anyone who is, please also let me know

    i personally would prefer my own neat, fresh code, so the first post is my no.1 prize


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    This isnt something your gonna get done in a short time, the features you want take time to implement and get it working 100% together.

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    Company in Durban that do some pretty good work. The are pretty creative, and consistent with the quality. Check their site. I think they are updating it at the moment as well.

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