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Thread: DSP Medialess Kit

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    Question DSP Medialess Kit

    Who can help me on this one please:

    What is a 'DSP Medialess Kit' licence?

    e.g MS-Office2007 DSP Medialess Kit

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    It's like the DVD's at the video store. There's a nice pretty box with the colour labels and all that, but no disc inside (until you take it to the counter and pay). Retailers/Builders (IE: the smaller manufacturers, ie: joe's computer) are supposed to buy the media kit, which was on special at the launch, to load Office 2k7 onto the customers computer.

    The customer gets the nice box with the license key and have a few months to order the media from microsoft (customer pays shipping).

    It's nice, cos it now can become an extra revenue for the corner computer shop to reload office when end-luser breakith the machine. It sux if you're the customer though.

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