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Thread: Neotel Home 2mbps LTE Uncapped Customer Review

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    I'm on Clearwater (Cell ID: 261) and getting around 200kb/s. Very slow for 10Mbps but it's something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisG79 View Post
    Yes, Clearwater is down again!!!!
    Yes its down again.
    Johannesburg Wireless User Group.

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    I am the OP of this thread and have been on the 2mbps option since April last year.

    In the evenings when I want to load up Netflix/Showmax/Catchup Plus I get severe buffering making the services almost unusable. If I were to download anything during this time (whether torrents/nzbs/ftps/windows updates) they would run at about 50kB/s with some spikes up to the full line speed (232kB/s usually).

    Overall I am still satisfied with the service as most of the time I get full line speed with very little (if any) down time, the only gripe would be the peak period between 6pm and 9pm when streaming is almost impossible.

    Unfortunately, I'm not spoilt for choice for internet services, so at the moment it's Neotel LTE or dealing with Telkom who take 2 months to repair a line fault. I'm hoping FNB's LTE offering will be compelling and that I have coverage for me to make a switch.

    Rating after 13 months: 7.5/10

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    I have two ATEL routers/modems for sale at R1500 each. Still in very good condition and barely used.

    These devices are ideal to put outside on your roof if you stay in an area with bad signal - "Units are designed to extend LTE Network coverage at and beyond cell-edge". Devices are POE so you can control the power etc from inside your house.

    I have a PE103 and a PE 160 for sale.

    More details here:

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    2Mbps! LTE?

    What is this 2007?

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