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Thread: how to check internet connection type

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    Default how to check internet connection type

    I have a new skype friend but she doesn't know what connection she has (DSL/Dial-Up/ISDN)... How can an illiterate person easily check the connection type on XP? what should i tell her or how should i direct her to check this?

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    maybe just ask her to hold her mouse over the monitors icon at the bottom right of her desktop. it should pop up with a message sayin the connection name and speed.

    like 56k which is dial-up analogue modem
    64-128k is probably isdn.

    If that icon isnt there then she will have to set it in connection settings which im sure may be hard to explain :/

    maybe ask her how she connects otherwise. does she dial in?? is there a modem tone?? what equipment she got?

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    Just get her to do a speed test then you we be able to get a good idea of what line she has.

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