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Thread: MTN NNTP (News) server ?

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    Apr 2007
    PE - Work Abroad

    Default MTN NNTP (News) server ?

    Hi All,

    I work abroad and spend my holidays back in good old SA.

    Internet connectivity has always been a problem until I got wise from this forum.
    The last time at home for two weeks cost me R900.00 for the dial-up, and that was just a couple of hours in the evening each day (call more time nogal).

    While abroad I bough the BandRich HSDPA card
    , then I bough the a R0.40 MTN PAYG sim card at Pick n Pay, put R420.00 airtime on, then converted it to the 1G data bundle, which then gives you 2G.

    I am pleasantly surprised at the speed of the connection here in PE.

    I was wondering if there's an NNTP server that I can use, and if so, what it the server address.

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    Jan 2006


    Not that I know of, don't think so.

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