Hi guys,
Anybody know where I can get/buy/have made up, a video cable for an HP LCD projector? The thing's got this frigging non-standard DVI type connector on the one end and standard VGA plug on other end, to connect projector to pc/laptop. The 'DVi' connector looks just like your normal pc/graphics card DVI plug, but it's wider, and has a USB cable alslo coming out of it, supposedly to connect with the laptop.
(HP xb31 projector, cable part no 42.85812.001-A)
Seems the wiring inside the plug isn't good anymore, the video comes out all purple, so my thinking is the other colours (cyan/yello???) isn't coming thru. When we fiddle with the cable where it comes outa the plug, the color comes right, hence the idea of worn wiring.
But I can't seem to find similar cable anywhere. Even Compucable couldn't help make one-no funny DVI connector available, and well, HP's answer is they don't supply loose components, so ... buy a new projector
Any ideas?