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Thread: Dead ADSL in Durbanville area

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    Default Dead ADSL in Durbanville area

    Hi guys,

    I'm in the Durbanville area (more specifically in Durmonté). My ADSL has been DEAD since yesterday morning. The little light on the Netgear 54G doesn't even want to light up, and when I login to the router it just says "connecting".

    I've phoned Cybersmart and they can see that there are port errors. It has to be a line problem then.

    I don't have a handset so I can't hear if the line has dialtone or not, but when I phone our number from my cell phone, it does ring.

    Has anybody had any "downtime" in this area since Monday morning?

    Still trying to get through to Telkom, though [sigh]

    Cheers and thanks!

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    Eventually got through to Telkom... guy said there's a fault at the exchange and then he logged a fault. So hopefully they'll act quickly.

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    glad it got sorted out

    keep the pressure on and write everything down for future reference
    there is often a need to "manage your expectations" in these situations

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    Mine has been active the whole day, including DNS. I'm on SAIX and in the Durbanville area. Perhaps there is more than one exchange situated around us? I'm on SAIX, btw.


    Best wishes

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