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Thread: IS accounts and local gaming

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    Default IS accounts and local gaming

    Hi Chaps

    I am considering a local only IS account.

    One of the questions I have is whether one can use this account (IS) for local online gaming. Is it possible to play online games hosted on SAIX gaming servers? Are the IS gaming servers up and running yet (website looks dead)?

    For example, would it be possible to play Guildwars using an IS local only account?


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    as long as the server is hosted locally, i'm sure u can

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    Hey Saber

    Gaming on the SAIX gaming servers using an IS account works like a charm!!

    Many of our clients game on these servers without any problems.

    Kind regards

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    I concur, 30gig local is alot of local gaming (specially if u have a few peeps over via lan) :>>>

    Ping are usually around 35-50ms +-

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    I use route sentry, and with my local only from openweb (get one from them, they are the best ISP by far) and international from telcum, i play online with no problems at all. Ping is the same as any other account.
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    I just wish SAIX had a fair bit of selection when you venture outside FPS. About 90% of the games there are from one genre. Oh well, guess one caters to the masses.

    real-time strategy, turn-based strategy, action-rpg... etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saber View Post

    For example, would it be possible to play Guildwars using an IS local only account?
    And to answer what the others havnt, no you cant play Guildwars using an IS local only account

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    Wow, thanks for the responses, guys .

    I agree, definitely a pity that there is not much in the way of strategy, rpg, or mmorpg's on the local scene. I do believe I saw Freelancer at SAIX some time back though.

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    Any game that has to authenticate on an international server will not work with just a local-only account.
    For example the Battlefield series.

    For those types of games you will have to use some intelligent routing and 2 types of accounts (local + international).

    Unfortunately, none of the ISP's seem willing/able to charge for local and international separately.

    It's a nuisance.

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    I'm using my IS account for steam (HL2 DM and Fear) on the saix servers and it's great... It's a shaped 10gig account and my pings are between 25 and 70with both home pc's in the same game.

    Just because you've always done it that way doesn't mean it's not incredibly stupid.

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