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Thread: Cell C Contact details

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    Default Cell C Contact details

    I have just joined up with Cell C and have experienced such bad service it is unbelievable - surprising bearing in mind that my line has been activated for just over a week, made just one call on this cell c line(to their customer service call centre) but spent almost R50 of my previously trusted vodacom contract trying to get it sorted.

    This contract is with Cell c connect, done over the fone received via courier - but received no documents relating to the contract. After having a row after row with customer service staff and supervisors i'm still left with a service that i am not happy with AT ALL, and am still waiting on a call back from a supervisor (a week later) from cell c connect to try resolve the problem. I have also sent an email to the customer service addy diplayed on the cell c website describing my experience and problems, and am still waiting 5 days later.

    Can someone please advise me on whom i can speak to, to resolve this for me and most importantly, to instill confidence in this network i have just joined.


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    Try Hellopeter.

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    The idea is not to call customer care and ask for settings or service activations. I asked for Fax on my line and had my phone disconnected for 18 days while they do their "investigations". I have a business contract and spend about R2000 on my line. After 18 day I was just give a new SIM and said they believe the agent was wrong. They did not even want to help me. Complain to ICASA

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