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Thread: Cool Ideas Fiber ISP - Feedback

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    Quote Originally Posted by lexor View Post
    Yes - well done Cool Ideas at your no 1 spot
    Very well deserved! Congratulations Cool Ideas!

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    Congrats on nr1

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    I'll be on CISP from next month. This makes me less concerned about what awaits.

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    Congrats on #1 @PBCool and team.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Niner View Post
    The problem with multiple AP's is that I don't want to much cabling running around the house. I can make it work, but I was hoping they could do it neater. I'm on trenched. Also, with multiple AP's, can they all have the same ssid? I would ideally like to not drop signal when moving from one point of the house to the other. I also would really love to stream from my htpc to my bedroom, and they'll definitely have to be on different AP's.
    Have you tried PLC? I use Ethernet over power from one room to the next, and I get a solid 100Mbps. It adds around 1-2ms latency, depending on what other appliances you use (mine survives the dishwasher/washing machine fine), it might be acceptable for you.

    It will depend on the quality of your electrical wiring though. Also they have yet to survive a lightning season, so we shall see...

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