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Thread: MTN goes it alone on R10m Sandton cable

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    Default MTN goes it alone on R10m Sandton cable

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    This is fantastic news. Maybe this kind of thing will force Telkom to lower their pricing to more reasonable levels. If someone thinks it will be cheaper to lay their own cables than to lease them from Telkom, then that is a harsh judgment on Telkom's pricing.

    Die Telkom, die!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Juice View Post
    Die Telkom, die!!
    What a beautiful quote to start off a Thursday morning

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    Whilst I applaud increasing competition, and its absolutely wonderful that there will be more fibre than street vendors around Sandton, the long term aim should be to have improving network coverage across the whole country.

    So the 'new entrants' compete with each other to put networks into the lucrative areas and go after the easy bucks to convert into shareholder return. We wind up with excess capacity in some metro areas, and under-provision everwhere else. Great.

    Not quite sure that this will result in cheaper prices.

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