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Thread: Converting lines

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    Default Converting lines

    I have a prepaid land line that has no monthly fee,When i applied for a adsl connection they informed me that i have to convert my current line to a fixed landline first. What will it cost to convert the line and what will the monthly fee be?

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    you are looking at R180 per month for the landline and then you have to add the adsl portion to that R152 if you take the 2mb service. Not sure if they charge to convert a prepaid line to a postpaid line.

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    So if i pay mweb for adsl part i only have to pay 180 per month + mweb fee?

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    Yes your post-paid voice line subscription is separate from (and is a requirement for) ADSL and is payable to Telkom. You pay R620 for installation regardless of whether there is an existing line but if you take one of their voice packages then there is no installation fee. Try the Telkom chat facility on their website, te agents are usually quite helpful, just give it a few minutes for an agent to become available. If you phone 10210 you will hold for yonks. PS I just went through the whole process. Just hold thumbs that the technician arives on the appointed day...

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