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Thread: Fibre in Stellenbosch

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    Quote Originally Posted by falcrum View Post
    Update if anyone missed it - SADV is doing surveys to measure interest for FTTH in Paradyskloof and Die Boord. Everyone should please fill in the survey here - they need around 20% of properties in an area to go forward:

    For other areas in Stellenbosch - contact them directly:

    You can also contact me directly here or jason @

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    Quote Originally Posted by pinball wizard View Post
    You can also contact me directly here or jason @
    Heh. So you are quite active in attempting to get new business but don't have the decency to be professional after we sign your proposal. Not replying to messages or answering calls to both myself and a member of our trustees shows how you do business. As I repeatedly said, if you can't be bothered, put me in touch with your project manager.

    To prevent total thread derailment, use the one I've created :

    Sorry for thread hijack OP.

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    Yes, I have also been experiencing a lack of co-operation from the different companies. It is a big struggle

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    I would love to get Fibre in my neighborhood (Nuutgevonden).
    Currently most companies are ignoring estates like Welgevonden, Nuutgevonden, Schoonspruit and Mt Simon.
    Even the newer estates like Nooitgedacht village are left out.
    There is SO much business opportunity just sitting there.
    Quite a number of people I know, have signed up with DFA, Openserve, FrogFoot, AfriHost and others with either no response or an automated email.
    Its extremely frustrating and disappointing to see them trenching 200 meters from your home and not being able to tap into it. Apparently its for the Stellenbosch municipality.
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    I pray this changes soon but have little hope.

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    Welgevonden is starting to look at fibre but nothing final yet, so there might be some hope for the surrounding estates as well.

    In other news, it looks like Frogfoot is expanding their plans to cover more areas. See below.

    Looking at the prices ISPs offer on their network it looks really good!
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