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Thread: UK and US TV channels target diaspora Africans with IP-TV

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    Default UK and US TV channels target diaspora Africans with IP-TV

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    “We want to work strategically with ISPs. You need a minimum of 750 kbps download speed and there are not too many African ISPs that offer connections of that throughput. It would be aimed at individuals who would choose to go for a higher speed connection in order to get IP-TV.
    That's so sad.

    750k! 750k!


    You can't get broadcast quality at that speed. Even with the most advanced variable bit-rate mpeg4 codec.

    Just go to and download one of their low res videos that run at 1mbps. It looks real bad and that's only 30p. Most reality/news/sport TV is originated at 50i/60i (depending on the country's region). 50i, for instance, would require a larger bit-rate.

    Even with mpeg4 codec, I would say, you need at least 3mbps for a decent picture. (and now I'm only talking SD)

    This article shows in what a sad state the African telecoms industry is.

    750k - Yeah right!

    56kMan out.

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    near VHS =

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