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Thread: MyBB Path of Exile Intro, FAQ, Chat and Players

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    I'm just running the highest level maps I can, with my Atlas at 156/157 (still can't kill shaper ), and I am just about sustaining 15s and 16s at this point, with Chisel, Alch and Bloodlines. As I'm not selling a lot of maps though, I'm running out of currency. On average, I'd say I find about 20C of rares worth selling out of an entire quad tab...

    If you do in fact have a learning disability, I apologise...

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    Hit 36/40, so done with the league for now.

    They really need to add some new skills / spells for fresh builds

    Out of all the chars I played this league:
    My chaos Glacial Cascade build was super fun, really strong vs bosses. But being a staff user, you can only move at a snails pace with lightning warp, even with all the support gems to reduce cast time/duration. And grabbing movement speed where I can (boots, belt, pantheons etc).

    My 9 curse support CI caustic arrow build. This was rediculous lol. Actually had a guy pop into my stream for the tree that I used.
    Doing your standard 3 curse occultist blasphemy setup, and using the doedre chest for 6 other curses. Mostly elemental curses / all the marks (warlord, assassin, poacher). While mapping with my friends windripper MF culler.

    The damage wasn't too bad on caustic arrow, but could've gotten more if I crafted another +1 on my bow.
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