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Thread: Telkom LTE speeds

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    Default Telkom LTE speeds

    Hi guys all of a sudden my speeds dropped from averaging between 21Mb/s - 60Mb/s and now doesn't go higher than 10Mb/s.
    My aerial that came with the Telkom deal has not been moved.
    I did notice that only 3 bars are lit up on the router whereas it was 4, but on the app it shows 4 bars.
    Is there any way I can increase my speeds again? I know getting hold of Telkom would be useless.

    Any suggestions will be appreciated thanks
    Mponya is a Legend move over Malema

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    Mponya is a Legend move over Malema

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    I've experienced the same deterioration in speed.

    I contacted them, had a technician come out to investigate but no feedback as yet (been 2 weeks) but I did see an improvement from the 10mbps to close to 30mbps recently ... Also depends on the time of the day I do my testing

    I think a lot more people are signing up for LTE which probably means congestion on these towers.

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