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Thread: Linux User Group

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    Default Linux User Group

    I'm looking for a *nix usergroup looking to get hectically stuck in to linux but would like to pester some people along the way, have used ubuntu/kubuntu and mandrake, kubuntu is now my current OS along with the doze.

    Any such groups available.


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    Yep, there are a whole bunch of local LUGs.. off the top of my head, GLUG (Gauteng), ELUG (East Rand), CLUG (Cape Town) - just google them, you'll find links. There's a lot more than just those.

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    The Tuks Linux Forum (TLUG) used to be very active when I was still a member there, don't know if they still are though...

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    Lots of linux knowledge in your local Wireless Users Group too!
    Core Member, Johannesburg Area Wireless User Group. - Because information should be free! - no wires, no limits

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