I find the vastly opposing opinions on which cars to recommend and why on MyBB always entertaining and often informative, so here is my real world conundrum:

After a decade of driving fast sedans I lost my temper entirely when I faithfully went back to BMW yet again to look into the possibilities for my next car and saw how absolutely batshyte crazy their prices have gone. I simply refuse to drive around in a 3 series with less than 160kw of power which meant even pre-owned options started at over half a mil ...

This temper tantrum opened up many new options and eventually I settled on the idea of just getting something entirely different, such as a small/medium SUV. There's no shortage of those locally and I've test driven 4 so far: Mazda CX-5 (by far the best imo, but not worth the price), Nissan Qashqai, Toyota RAV4, VW Tiguan

I intend to test drive at least 2 more: Subaru Forester and Suzuki Vitara

Which SUV would you recommend and why? Sticking strictly to options within these, non-negotiable, parameters:
- must be 4wd
- must be German or Japanese (the reason for this is a whole different thread )
- must be under R400k from the dealer