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Thread: Father accused of 'renting' daughter for sex

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    Angry Father accused of 'renting' daughter for sex

    I haven't stopped crying since I've read this.

    August 04 2007 at 12:42PM

    By Noor-Jehan Yoro Badat and Kashiefa Ajam

    He created a website where he advertised naked pictures of his 15-year-old daughter for men to "rent" her for sexual acts at just R500 a time.

    On Friday, the 39-year-old father and his friend, a former police officer, also aged 39, applied for bail in the Potchefstroom magistrate's court - and got it.

    The two face charges under the Sexual Offences Act.

    'Where will this child end up now?'
    Police believe there may be other young children involved.

    Investigating officer Inspector Stokkies Grundlingh said he had received a tip-off from an unknown source who told him about the website where the girl was advertised. The North West police then launched a sting operation to catch the two men in the act.

    The police called the number on the website and the father answered. He told them it would cost R500 to have sex with his daughter. The next day the friend delivered the child to an undercover police officer of the Potchefstroom Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences Unit The friend then accepted the money.

    The child was taken to a room where Grundlingh and other police officers waited. She undressed for them immediately, but Grundlingh told her to put her clothes back on.

    He then called the friend and told him to come to the police station. He also contacted the father. Both men were arrested on Tuesday.

    In affidavits handed in to the court on Friday, both men said they had confessed to a magistrate and declared their previous convictions.

    The town's local newspaper, the Potchefstroom Herald, which sourced its information from the archives of a daily Afrikaans newspaper, reported that the father and his wife were sentenced to a year in prison and a fine of R8 000 in 1997, after luring schoolboys to watch strip shows at their brothel in Reitz Street.

    They were convicted of running a brothel, prostituting and involving minors in indecent acts, among other charges.

    At the time, probation officer Annette Venter said the couple showed no remorse.

    Barely 10 months after their appeal in March 1998, the couple hosted a strip show, featuring the wife and two other women, for students in the town.

    The bail conditions of the couple, who lived in Pretoria, included that they may not visit Potchefstroom without the permission of the investigating officer.

    The local newspaper also reported that the friend, a suspended police officer, was allegedly involved in the running of the brothel, but the police were initially unable to capture him.

    He and an accomplice were arrested in 1998 in connection with several violations of the Sexual Offences Act.

    The charges included running a brothel, prostituting, kidnapping and conspiracy to dishonour.

    He and his fiance allegedly recruited two girls, aged 14 and 15, to work as prostitutes at a brothel in Klerksdorp.

    On Friday State prosecutor Hester Pretorius opposed bail, using the case of Cozanne Visser, whose lover, Dirk Prinsloo, fled the country while out on bail, as an example.

    Prinsloo is still missing.

    Prinsloo and Visser were charged with soliciting a 15-year-old to commit indecent acts on different occasions and indecently assaulting a younger girl in 2002.

    Despite this, however, magistrate S Jansen granted the Potchefstroom pair bail.

    The father was given R3 000 bail while his friend was freed on R1 500 bail.

    Their bail conditions stipulate that they may not to leave the Potchefstroom district without the permission of the investigating officer and must report to the Potchefstroom police station three times a week.

    The police are investigating the involvement of other minors and the police have names of other children.

    Grundlingh said in court that the 15-year-old girl had gone for a medical examination on Friday and had been placed in the custody of her grandmother.

    He said she "seemed traumatised and afraid".

    North West police spokesperson Superintendent Louis Jacobs indicated that "there might be additional charges to come after the investigation is completed".

    He added that they had not determined yet how long the website had been running. Jacobs would not comment on whether the website had been pulled off the Internet, except to say that it was forming part of their investigation.

    When the two accused made their first appearance on Wednesday, both appeared tired and sat sombre-faced in the dock.

    The second accused, the friend, briefly nodded to his wife, who sat behind him in the public gallery.

    Before he was taken back into custody, he reached out to hold his her hand and tried to speak to her, but magistrate C Eekly reprimanded him and ordered him to go back to the cells.

    Outside Court A, his wife declined to talk to reporters.

    Her blond hair was pulled back in a ponytail. She seemed tired and bewildered.

    "I'm just not feeling up to it (talking)," she said.

    News of the two men's arrest shocked the local community; many could not believe that such depravity could exist under their noses.

    Mary Botha said: "It's terrible. If I had known this was happening, I would have spoken up about it. I'm shocked".

    Lorraine Geldenhuys said: "Where will this child end up now? They've ruined her life."

    The case has been postponed to August 30.

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    Thumbs down I abused 200 boys, says child-killer

    Why are our children so over exposed to these people???

    August 04 2007 at 11:08AM

    By Clayton Barnes

    Convicted child-killer Theunis Christian Olivier told police after his arrest that he had sexually molested more than 200 boys.

    His perverted career, which he told police had lasted for 30 years, ended in December 2005 when he was arrested for the murder of six-year-old Steven Siebert in Plettenberg Bay after he enticed the boy away from outside his parents' holiday home.

    Olivier was found guilty in the Cape High Court on Tuesday of kidnapping, sexually assaulting and murdering Steven.

    Lack of a list of paedophiles let him work with children
    Olivier's trial, which has horrified South Africa, highlighted the fact that there is no national list of paedophiles in South Africa and that allowed him to work as an assistant in a boys' school without anyone being aware of his perversion.

    Child rights groups this week pressed the National Council of Provinces to fast-track the passing of the Sexual Offences Bill so that a proposed register of child-sex offenders could be implemented.

    The bill provides for a regularly updated national register of known paedophiles to be made available to the public.

    The investigating officer in the Olivier case, Inspector John Nomdoe, said on Friday that Olivier had confessed to having sexually assaulted more than 200 young boys over the past 30 years.

    This week Olivier has been testifying in mitigation of sentence before Justice Essa Moosa about the days leading up to December 23. He also told the court he had been diagnosed with a multiple personality disorder in 1978 - and that since the age of six had had eight alter egos.

    Olivier has been testifying in mitigation of sentence
    He blamed one of these personalities, "Theo", for Steven's murder but when the judge asked Olivier if he could speak to Theo, he thought for a moment and then replied: "No, I am in charge now."

    Asked to identify his personalities, Olivier listed eight names - his birth name of Theunis Christian Olivier and seven others as his alter egos: Raymond Sinclair, Brian Shannon, Chris Oliver, Theo, Ruuss, Sharon and Tory. He said it was Theo, the most powerful of them all, who killed Steven.

    Asked in court by State advocate Jan Theron if he saw himself as a danger to society, Olivier responded: "Yes, I do see myself as a danger to society, but with treatment I won't be a danger to society. The day after the confession I requested the investigating officer to take me and shoot me. I felt terrible. All I wanted to do was die.

    "If there was the option of the death sentence, and if treatment for me was denied, I'd say give me the death sentence."

    The case will continue next week but, even after he has been sentenced, Olivier's days in court will be far from over. He has still to face five charges of indecently assaulting boys under the age of 14 in Ladysmith.

    The police are also investigating his activities in towns and cities in which he has lived since he entered South Africa illegally from Zimbabwe in 2000.

    This week, Nomdoe told how Olivier had served a 16-year jail term in Zimbabwe on seven counts of indecent assault and one of rape.

    Once he arrived in South Africa, he continued his orgy of molestation before being arrested for Steven's murder.

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    We need a public sexual offenses register in this country.
    Sure thing boss. Never trust a bunny.

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    Can I have 5 minutes with this fscker behind the sheds?
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    Is it illegal to make such a register? Surely I can create a website right now for this purpose - listing convicted fckers like this?
    Sure thing boss. Never trust a bunny.

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    This is just to terrible for words. Please make such a website. Our children deserve to be protected. I'll help as well. If you want free hosting, I will supply.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angelface View Post
    This is just to terrible for words. Please make such a website. Our children deserve to be protected. I'll help as well. If you want free hosting, I will supply.
    Yeah, I'll build the website. I have webspace so that's not a problem. Anyone wanna volunteer some time researching convicted molesters, pedophiles, etc? Maybe also have a photo and details of their crimes, as well as dates of conviction? Even if we can prevent one other such crime then it's a start.

    Edit: and known aliases as well as last known place of dwelling...
    Sure thing boss. Never trust a bunny.

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    I will help. Anytime. Where do we start?

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    Well, a good place would probably be to try and find records of pedophile convictions somehow - I guess news websites and their archives is as good a place to start as any.
    Sure thing boss. Never trust a bunny.

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    Okay. Will do. Hope I find something.

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    And I was hoping to get but the domain is taken.

    What about ?
    Or ?
    Sure thing boss. Never trust a bunny.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BobbyMac View Post
    And I was hoping to get but the domain is taken.

    What about ?
    Or ?
    Maybe you can contact them, or work with them if they are also interested in starting the same type of site?
    Hibiscus Coast Photographic Society
    (previously known as: Hibiscus Coast Camera Club)

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    I like the

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    There should be more that one site. The more people know the better!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sky.akash View Post
    Maybe you can contact them, or work with them if they are also interested in starting the same type of site?
    Seems to have been registered by Hetzner on behalf of some guy at Sentech.
    Sure thing boss. Never trust a bunny.

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