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Thread: Problematic transformer

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    Why oh why would someone stick to 12v on a re-wire of they needed to replace them anyway.

    Should have just gone 220v en Klaar.

    Probably in an effort to skirt regulation or work as they are less full of *** about 12v.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gnome View Post
    Agree except that I would make sure the wires currently in there are 3 wire SANS rated wire.
    Often the yahoos installing these simply use cheap PnP wire for the 12v systems

    Also 12v lamps make sense where a lot of water is used. eg. swimming pool area, jacuzzi, etc.
    The problem is local idiots installing it in normal rooms which it isn't specified for at all.

    1. Use a qualified electrician
    2. 12V is always used for safety... in the garden, by the pool, in the bathroom and for all shop fittings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrisc View Post
    Some people (who had halogen downlighters) will want to retain their 12 volt wiring and use MR16 LED lamps. I agree that GU10 makes it much simpler and are getting cheaper and cheaper, but there is no arguing with a customer who has made up his mind

    However, I installed MR16 led lamps in an art gallery where they were suspended from cables between the walls and needed to have a decorative effect. For safety and compliance, it had to be a 12 volt system
    What is involved when conveting from 12V to 220V, except for the fittings themselves, does all the wiring need to be redone?

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