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Thread: Car Sound - I.C.E sound + Queries

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    Default Car Sound - I.C.E sound + Queries

    Hey dudes!

    Anyone got some helpful info on car sound for me?
    Well im looking to spend around R2000-R3000 including installation.No i dont need sound that makes windows warp when i drive past
    What im looking for is some bass but also clarity is what i seek.
    Ive been checking Autostyle and they have this I.C.E combo im thinking of car is OLD so i dont need expensive sound

    The ICE Pack Combo
    1 x 12 2500w Subwoofer
    1 x 1200watt 4channel Amplifier
    1 x 400w 6x9" speakers (pair)
    1 x Superwood Subwoofer Enclosure
    1 x 200w Tweeters

    anyone know anything about ICE sound?

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    those aren't RMS watts to let you know.. so we cant actually tell u if its good, or not.

    Cause what Ice says is 1500watts Pioneer might rate as 1000 watts.. so depends on the Rms.

    I have an Ice amp running my pioneer subs.. and i must say it does its job well.. so
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    Sony CDX-GT250S R995.00
    2 x Pioneer 8" Limpid 350w = R1600
    Starsound Chrome Series = R1200

    Total = R3800

    If thats WAY over budget just take out the back limpids and add a lower end sub. Personally, if i was over budget I'd just leave out the back limpids and save up for them. Or maybe put a cheaper split system running off the amp (if you want to put everything now)

    If you can and you into that kinda thing, install yourself. Its fun and simple with this kind of system

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