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Thread: Telkom ADSL Line Transfer - How to Save

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    Default Telkom ADSL Line Transfer - How to Save

    I have a Closer 4 package with Telkom - not contracted. As I am moving to a new address I requested that my number and line be transferred. The telkom call centre (10215 option 1 - adsl) operator - after going through the usual 15 min wait and 10 min confusion -told me that she wasn't allowed to to ADSL transfers.

    So took myself to Telkom shop and requested a transfer. All fine except that the transfer of the line is free but to set up ADSL was going to cost R437 - somewhat extreme as I had done the self installation initially. There is no option of doing a self install - "the line transfer is on promotion" and "the techy has to go anyway" were the reasons given. Telkom has managed to penalise its ADSL customers.

    The work around this would appear to be to cancel the line rental prior to moving then apply for a self install at the new address.

    Does this this make sense or is there some way that Telkom will find a way to extort money from me? Another option would be to just go wireless but have already invested in a router.

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    Telkom is always looking for ways to extort their customers... good idea on the cancellation, but then you stand the chance of having it cancelled to early... maybe to late... and then a late installation at your new premises...
    I would cancel with telkom... make sure your new premisis has a telephone line, apply for DSL through a 3rd party and not Telkom directly... also a bit cheaper and quicker installation time...

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    The time between cancellation and new install for me was around a week (possibly 10 days).

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    I have just contacted Axxess. They look like they will solve the problem. Loose Telkom now and automatically have ADSL with prepaid bandwidth when I move.

    Apparently the costs get quite excessive if you have a Telkom contract - I'm very glad I don't.

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    Axxess is the best IMO, just moved my ADSL rental to them as well

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    Sorry to flog an old thread, I just received my Telkom bill, with a lovely R400 odd ADSL installation charge, and a Transfer charge of R0.00

    My gripe is that they constantly refer to an ADSL line as something "special", and not once was my line a normal line that was being transfered, with an ADSL installation to be done as well.

    How can a transfer have an installation cost?

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    Yeah I also have been waiting for a line transfer (R 490) these *****ers are gonna charge me. I was considering canceling and getting a new line but then someone told me to be careful cause they will often tell you that there is no new open adsl ports or lines available. So i will just pay my R 490 knowing that there will be no problems. EXCEPT FOR THE 2 ****ING WEEKS I HAVE WAITED AND 5 REQUESTS PUT THROUGH TO MOVE MY LINE.

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    I have been through this so many times. The best way to do this is cancel the adsl (30 days notice) - see my sticky here on cancelling ADSL.

    Then apply for a new phone at the new address, they don't charge for a 2nd line installation (promotional maybe???). Give them enough time to get the order through. Then when they install the new line at the new spot (free of charge) cancel your old line (no notice period needed) and then apply for a self install. Maybe you can get cheeky and apply for the new line and then self install. Somehow I think I could only apply for the self install once the phone line (you need a phone number to attach the DSL to) is installed.

    That's my way getting around charging for the transfer. I have posted some other items here all about it. need to find them first.

    EDIT: Thread here:
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    So does anyone know if there is still a charge applicable for moving/transferring your line when you move?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SauRoNZA View Post
    So does anyone know if there is still a charge applicable for moving/transferring your line when you move?

    nvm I can't read
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    As far as I know you don't get charged if you move within the same area (ie. the same area code). However I might be mistaken.

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    I wasnt charged anything a few months ago to move my line.
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    I am moving in the same area. Same number and everything.

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    No charge...when u activate your matter the area...just select self install... And remember to get your free cordless phone, they throw that in as a house warming gift.
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    I'm tempted to move my 10mb line over to Afrihost, save R25p/m once the the move is complete bump up to 20mb for extra R25p/m.

    Seems like a good deal?

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