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Thread: How do u connect wireless with telkom router?

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    Angry How do u connect wireless with telkom router?

    I just got the router from telkom, mega100wr...
    i was trying to conenct thru wireless thru other pc...
    but it some how it doesnt want to work...
    i have wireless link on da other pc...
    but i just cant find the router.. ?
    can some1 pls show me how u setup the connection?
    do u need to install other program?

    I have windows XP..

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    -make sure your wireless switch is turned on - if a laptop is used (fn key wireless)
    -make sure your wireless card is enabled in network connections
    -set ip to obtain automatically

    -mega100 not always set to AP (accesspoint) enable mode at first startup from collection - use the cd if you don't know the interface
    -make sure u take note of the encryption key.

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    I have this Asus Wireless Link that i used for (Wifi phone)Skype...
    So, is that wireless link a dongle?
    Cause the i tried to set the IP to automatic...
    But it always somehow switched into manual..?
    so i dont know what to do now..?

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    so ur problem is it cant find the router right?
    Well firstly connect ur pc/notebook to the router via the eothernet cable provided.
    Then go into the router and click quick start and it should set everything up there.

    In that menu ur wireless for the router can be setup too....once everything is done u make sure ur pc/notebook's wireless is working then just refresh and connect to ur router.

    By the way, if the wireless dongle has its own program, u gotta search for the network with that program, or if u know how, set it to use window's wireless manager to connect.

    Hope that helps

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