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Thread: Telkom PRI Settings

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    Default Telkom PRI Settings


    Can someone assist me with TELKOM PRI settings. We have inherited a PRI and we need to configure our PBX to work with PRI.
    I need the Following;
    Framing > CCS/HDB3/CRC4??
    Signalling > ??
    Switchtype > ??
    Sync/Clock Source > ??

    Currently using Sangoma A101 Card with Freepbx 12.6 with Asterisk 11
    The Card is configure and running but need Telkom Settings. I have been calling Telkom for Days now and they don't know their own settings.

    Please assist

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    Grandmaster gfmalan's Avatar
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    Nov 2013

    Default Telkom PRI Settings

    Choose E1 (not T1)
    Clock is Normal/Slave/0

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    Thanks G

    I did change the setting as stated and still cannot connect.
    See attached



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