It seems Neotel have changed (without informing) the softcap policy for Neotel Wireless Broadband.

Last month, I saw I was flat lining at half my normal speed with a week to go, but my network monitor said I still had 100gb left. I'd assumed it was my monitor not doing a good job.

This month with a week to go, I saw the same - speed halved, and my monitor showing the same - 100GB to go.

So, I downloaded the pretty buggy Netol App on my phone, logged in and the app agrees with my monitor, yet have been soft capped... It's pretty clear when you have a flatline graph at halve your normal speed that it is being capped.

If I look on their website, the product I have is no longer available, so I can't see if they have updated the usage softcap.

They used to offer uncapped for 1mbs, 2mbs, 4mbs, 6mbs, 8mbs and 10mbs (I think). Now they only offer 1,2 and 4 only. Progress?

My package is 6mbs and used to have a cap at 600gb. Now, after 500gbs they are soft capping.

This morning (before I realised that THEY have changed policy), I called them to upgrade my plan. What a waste of time - they gave me a circular runaround giving me alternative numbers that end up at the same place... After 4 or 5 calls and no joy I give up. The best I got was an installation fee... duh.

You'd think that someone actually WANTING to give them MORE money for an erratic service would be a good call to attend. Nope - Neotel continue on their suicide mission...