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Thread: E220, Vnc

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    Default E220, Vnc

    Good day everyone. I have a E220, and it works ok (sort of…very slow??). My problem is that I am testing these units to install in our production facilities in order to perform remote support via the internet using VNC, but for the life of me I cannot get the unit to give me the actual IP address that it uses to connect, it seems to go thru some sort of router, and without a pingable IP I cannot connect to the machine via VNC. If there is anyone that has a fix I would appreciate it. I do not have this problem with I-burst, but there is no signal were i need to use this.


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    Call 1555 and ask them to activate the 'mtnvpn' APN for the number you are using in your E220. You will need to change the APN configured in your E220 software as well, just check with them when you call whether it's 'MTNVPN' or 'mtnvpn' as these things are case sensitive.

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