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Thread: Neotel data depleting rapidly

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    Default Neotel data depleting rapidly

    Why is it that lately Neotel data has been depleting extremely rapidly on my PC?

    Previously prepaid 4GB data used to last me 2-4 months but lately the whole 4GB persistently depletes in just a few days. I hardly do any browsing and only use data to send and receive email messages. Has anyone else also experienced this?

    I did complain to Neotel but - as usual - no joy.

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    The same story with Cell C.
    Common cause is probably Windows 10. Do you use indows 10 on your PC? Read post #4 from sajunky.
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    Thanks for the post. The situation is the same whether I am using my Windows 8.1 PC or my Windows 10 PC. Lately data is rapidly being depleted on both PC's. Am I being short-changed in any way?

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    On your windows machines you can use , free version. It should keep track of what is using data and has a history option.
    I use it to throttle Origin, but it has a nice history option as well.
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    Thanks. Will give it a try.

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    Had the same issue. 15Gb used to last a month, now just a week or so. They didn't fix the problem

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    is probable that there are many out there with the same problem. And as long as complaints are ignored by service providers and as long as the service providers concerned choose to remain silent and not justify that there is nothing amiss on their side, only a negative inference can be inferred.

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    Check your usage on your modem or router.

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