Hi everyone,

I am not sure if this is the correct place to ask my question, but I cant seem to find a Telecoms forum.

I signed up for a Neotel number (looks like a landline but its a sim) about a year ago. The number and everything was working fine, that was until the actual phone that accompanied the sim card broke. The phone fell and was in pieces.

Ever since I have not been able to use the number due to the fact that Neotel does not have any (and I mean any) phones in stock that would be able to take the sim card and work. I tried purchasing a Huwaweii desktop phone exactly the same as the one that broke, however it kept saying insert sim.

It dawned on me that the sim might be network lock (if thats the correct term) and that it stops the sim from working on any device except that of the Neotel issued phones. Whenever I call Neotel to enquire about this I am put on hold for 20-30 min afterwhich the phone just disconnects. Needless to say that their instore staff are even more useless and just give me blank, vacant stares whenever I ask them questions.

Does anybody know a work around for this, like unblocking the sim, so that I can use the number (for which I am still being charged every month). I use the line for business and it is really becoming a hassle without it.

Any advice or responses are greatly appreciated.

Thank you