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Thread: Crystalweb vs Vox Telecom

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    Default Crystalweb vs Vox Telecom

    So I moved from Vox Telecom to Crystal web.

    Vox was 20mbps/2mbps for R799 uncapped vs Crystal 20mbps/20mbps R679

    It does however look like the latency on Vox was better to international servers
    Vox average latency was about 180ms and Crystal about 220ms

    Can someone tell me where Vox and Crystal peer tier 1 bandwidth via seacom / sat 3 / easy ?

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    Which server?

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    And what application?
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    What server? I was playing Rocket League last night on the EU servers and latency was between 156ms and 180ms on Crystal Web.

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    normal ICMP traffic. i will do some ping tests and tracert's tonight and share the results.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flenters View Post
    normal ICMP traffic. i will do some ping tests and tracert's tonight and share the results.
    Traceroutes are more important as they show the route taken to the destination, so do a few of those to known international IPs and avoid services on CDN's as one route may differ from another at a specific time.

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    Try using FPing (free download) and set it to ping every 10 seconds or 60 seconds. Run it for 24 hours.
    @echo off
    Title FPing DNS *** Ctrl+Break for Stats *** Ctrl+C to quit
    ipconfig /flushdns
    fping -L c:\FPing\Pinglog_10.txt -D -T -t 10000 -w 10000 -c -r -j
    Press Ctrl+Break to get stats at anytime without stopping. May take a minute to show them.
    Ctrl+C ends the run and shows stats. You will end up with something like this:
    2016/11/29 15:43:07.823 : Reply[1320] from bytes=32 time=84.1 ms TTL=50
    2016/11/29 15:43:17.868 : Reply[1321] from bytes=32 time=44.5 ms TTL=50
    2016/11/29 15:43:27.947 : Reply[1322] from bytes=32 time=78.2 ms TTL=50
    2016/11/29 15:43:38.023 : Reply[1323] from bytes=32 time=75.9 ms TTL=50

    Ping statistics for
    Packets: Sent = 1323, Received = 254, Lost = 1069 (80% loss)
    Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
    Minimum = 31.4 ms, Maximum = 159.6 ms, Average = 54.5 ms
    BTW and are Google DNS servers. I always ping ip not name.
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